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ALS Series is a carrier-grade wireless backhaul split mount solution, “fully programmable” broadband wireless system designed to meet any medium & high capacity transmission needs. It includes a wide type of interfaces: E1, STM-1, Gigabit Ethernet and PWE3 options, all available in unprotected, protected HSTBY, SD or FD with embedded proprietary XPIC technology. Each single IDU can be configured as protected, unprotected or 2+0. The Nodal IDU can aggregate, in a real “pay as you grow” approach, up to 16 independent directions and manage them as a single network element.
SIAE MICROELETTRONICA produce ODUs with Best-in-class system gain throughout the frequency bands and adopt the latest technological developments capable of achieving the highest MTBF figures and the lowest power consumption available on the market.


·         FREQUENCY BANDS: 4 GHz → 42 GHz. ETSI standards

·         MODULATION SCHEMES: from 4QAM up to 1024 QAM ODU solutions.

·         TECHNOLOGIES: Base-Band high circuit integration MCICS

·         CONFIGURATIONS: HSTBY, FD, SD, N+0 (N<8)

·         TDM CAPACITY RANGE: upto 4xSTM-1 and upto 160xE1

·         ETHERNET THROUGHPUT RANGE: 4 Mbit/s → 2 Gbps

·         ADVANCED DSP : Channel Digital Pre distortion , Equalizer and Packet Header Compression

·         TRIBUTARY INTERFACES: NxE1, NxSTM-1, PWE3, FE/GE electrical/optical

·         SYCNRONISATION OPTIONS: E1, STM-1, SyncE, PWE3 recovery clocks (adaptive,differential), 1588v2 Support

·         ARCHITECTURES: Dual Native TDM and multi gigabit Ethernet in Modular and Single Board Compact form factor.

·         OUTDOOR ARRANGENTS: External or integrated low profile, high performance antenna systems


·         NODAL CAPABILITY: Up to 16 independent directions for a unique “pay as you grow” nodal approach.

·         MANAGEMENT OPTIONS: Linux or Unix based NMS, HTML based local access (no flash needed)


ALS Series provides Native IP and NativePDH and SDH connections; it is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in access and backbone networks, covering any market segment ranging from cost-sensitive applications to advanced network implementations in which high capacities, complex protection schemes and excellent reliability are mandatory.

·         2G / 3G / LTE Cellular Network

·         10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet connections SDFsd

·         Utility Networks (Railways, Pipelines, Utility Radios etc.)

·         Back-up transmission medium to Fibre Optic links

·         Spur Links for Backbones/Rings

·         Last Mile Fibre Extension

·         Leased Line Replacement

·         Private Data Networks (WANs, LANs,

·         SDH Radio Ring Deployment up to 4xSTM-1

·         Infrastructure > High Capacity Broadband Access Networks


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