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Falesia Systemy Sp. z o.o.,
str. Sabały 60,
02-174 Warszawa,
Email: oferty@falesia.pl
Phone +48 48 22 2500700

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Siae Microelettronica is amongst very few companies that can be considered a leader in the Telecommunications market for more than 60 years. Extensive experience and successful company in the Italian market, allowed the company to growth and expansion worldwide.

Company starts global expansion thanks to the introduction of small and medium capacity radio links.

Siaeoffers a family of radio links:

-AGS20 Series is a carrier-grade wireless backhaul split mount solution, modulation up to 1024QAM 
-ALS Series is a carrier-grade wireless backhaul split mount solution,
-ALFOplus is the zero footprint Full Outdoor
-AFLplus2 is the zero footprint Full Outdoor, capacity2x950Mb/s
-ALFOplus80 is the Carrier Grade, MultiGigabit, Full Outdoor E-Band radio

Product of company Siae contains radiolines frequencies 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 26, 28, 23, 32, 38 and 42GHz frequency eBand - 80GHz.

Radio links Siae Microelettronica have devices operating at frequencies freed, without having to pay fees to UKE for the installation and use. Equipment which is on offer is 17GHz.We invite you to interest in our offer. When you buy a radio link SIAE, we offer as standard:

1) 24-month accelerated service throughout the country. Our warehouses are located in Warsaw and Krakow, therefore in many places Polish we are able to deliver the equipment in a few hours.

2) SLA service in place of the investment.

3) Advice on the purchase of equipment - selection of the optimal frequency, size antennas.

4) Preparation of requests for the purchase frequency of UKE.

5) We check the free channels available at the installation site radio links.

6) Installation services throughout the Polish.

7) Service of financing the purchase of equipment, such as hire purchase, leasing.