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The iPECS-MG has simple components to deal with and flexible system architecture for cost effective expansion, addressing from 30 to 300 employee sized businesses. With two variations of dedicated controllers, iPECSMG100 and the iPECS-MG300, each has 200 ports and 414 ports respectively as a maximum capacity. The other system components are used commonly no matter which controller is used.


• Basic hybrid ports consisting of 12 extensions and 4 AA (or IP) lines

• SIP/IP capacity implemented for trunk and extension interfaces

• Advanced telephony features like Directory Number (DN), Tandem

• Switching,Tenant group,and LCR

• TDM signaling processors handling CID, SMS, CPT, DTMF

• Basic telephony resources such as door phone, alarm, paging, MOH

• Less user options for hardware

• Cost effective expansion

• Easier operation and maintenance

• Future-ready technology and open standards based architecture

• Enhanced IP capability

• Single IP for trunk, DHCP, SIP proxy, IP Security

• Implementing latest PBX functions

• Tandem, Directory number, Tenant group, etc.

• Rich applications

• Ericsson-LG Enterprise Enterprise Unified Communications Solution

• Auto-attendant / Voice-mail for messaging

• Powerful in-building Mobility solution with Ericsson-LG Enterprise DECT and Wi-Fi technology

• Network management solution for centralized management

• LIP-8000 series for proprietary IP terminals

• Wi-Fi and DECT terminals for enterprise mobility

• Combined with a full range of terminals and applications

• Integrated with secure networking capabilities

• Centralized management with Ericsson-LG Enterprise data products

• Smooth migration path from ipLDK-100/300 in Ericsson-LG Enterprise BCS portfolio

• Former investments in TDM extensions and trunks protected and leveraged

• Enhanced IP generic platform and open standards based architecture for the future


Link to the PDF specification: iPECS-MG.pdf