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Flatpack 2 2U Integrated

From 2kW up to 8kW

Higher density and more compact power solutions

The Flatpack2 2U Integrated has been specifically designed to meet demand for higher density and more compact power solutions.

It is suitable for applications needing an expandable, easily serviceable and reliable power  supply, fitting within a minimal space.

Product description

The Flatpack2 2U Integrated is a compact power systemcontaining a Monitoring and Control Unit (Smartpack), LVD, battery and load MCBs. It can house up to 4 Flatpack2 rectifier modules. Switch mode technology with resonant topology and high switching frequency is used to minimize volume and weight and to obtain high reliability. The system accepts large variations on the input voltage (85-300 VAC) and draws sinusoidal current with a soft start power-up.


Wireless, fiber and fixed line communication

Today’s communications demand state of the art, cost efficient and compact DC power systems. Flatpack2 delivers the industry leading power density of 21W/in3 and superb reliability at lowest lifetime cost.

Broadband and network access

Increasing network speed demands flexible and expandable DC power solutions. Flatpack2 is your key building block for future needs.

Key features


Resonant topology makes the module efficiency industry leading and contributes to the rectifier’s ultra compact dimensions


Primary and secondary controls are digitalized, enabling excellent monitoring and regulation


Front-to-back air flow with chassis-integrated heat sinks gives the module the most suitable

working environment.


A true plug-and-play connection system:  time-to-install and cost-reducing solution.


CE marked, UL recognized and NEBS certified for world wide installation.


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