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ALFOplus2 is a Full Outdoor, Full IP Next Generation Microwave Radio. ALFOplus is a zero footprint, highly cost effective solution, fully compatible with 3G, 4G and  LTE nodes, and the ideal solution for a fast and flexible evolution towards full IP networks with the highest radio capacity and performance. With its advanced Ethernet features and complete synchronization management (SyncE and 1588v2), ALFOplus is a state-of-the-art IP radio, providing the foundation for a leading edge network. SIAE produce RF components with Best-in-class system gain across all the frequency bands andadopt the latest technological developments to achieving the highest MTBF figures and the lowest power consumption available on the market.


1)      Dual carrier in a single unit

2)      6GHz to 42GHz licensed bands

3)      In house technology Single chip RF Multicore

4)      10/14MHz to 2x112MHz channels

5)      4QAM-4096QAM with ACM

6)      Integrated XPIC circuitry

7)      L1 Link aggregation

8)      4x4 MIMO suport

9)      SM-OS based platform

10)   4 x 1/2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports

11)   Multilayer Header Compression

12)   SyncE/1588v2 synchronization

13)   MEF Carrier Ethernet platform

14)   Total Switching capability of 25Gbps wire speed

15)   PoE and dedicated power feeder Connectors

16)   QoS and traffic shaping

17)   ETH OAM 802.1ag/ITU-T Y 1731

18)   MPLS ready platform

19)   Open Flow support for SDN

20)   AES128/256 Encryption

21)   Single NE management

22)   CISCO Microwave Adaptive Bandwidth interworking

Any G-Mobile backhaul for Access and Aggregation

Emergency wireless links

ISP High Capacity LAN to LAN connections

Last mile fibreextension for business customers

Complementary solutions for fibre deployments/Ethernet Extension

Zero footprint applications




Link to the PDF specification: ALFOplus2.