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NEC radiolines are known in the Polish market and the world with high reliability. Wide product range radio link allows the selection of equipment for each operator and the institution or business clients.

The most modern product line is iPasolink.

iPasolink distinguishes four products: iPaso100, iPaso200, iPaso400 and iPaso1000.

We invite you to take an interest in our offer. When you buy a radio link NEC we offer as standard:

1) 24 months service.

 2) the service SLA in the place, where the investment is realize.

 3) Advice on the purchase of equipment - selection of the optimum frequency, the size of the antennas.

 4) Preparation of applications for the purchase frequency in UKE.

 5) Check of the free channels in the place, where the radioline is installed.

 6) Installation services throughout the Polish.

 7) Services of financing the purchase of equipment such as hire purchase, leasing.


Katalog produktów NEC.