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Ethernet switches

Our offerhas been enriched by a group of switches, LG-Ericsson, Ericsson and PacketFront.
These groups of switches differ in application and use

a) Switches LG-Ericsson its a group nonmanaged and managed switches, who perfectly fit in the needs of operators Interentu and business requirements for the construction internal networks.  Some switches LG-Ericsson has the ability to supply power over Ethernet,  its necessary for the construction of internal VoIP network. We avoid the use of external power to IP phones, by being able to supply the Ethernet line.

b)  Switches of Ericsson are advanced Ethernet switches, designed for building networks Metro. MPLS functionality in a series of switches SP Ericsson puts this devices on the top, when compared to similar solutions. The use of ports to 4 x10GEthernet the switch SP310 gives the opportunity to build Ethernet, network operator the structure "Mesh".        

c)  Switches of the PacketFront - MS3000 and ASR6000 are designed for FTTH network construction and construction network nodes. Can be used for 28 x SFP in the switch of PacketFront, made ​​that was used in several operator networks, where places high demands on high bandwidth to the subscriber and high SLA.Nasza oferta wzbogaciła się o grupę przełączników firmy LG-Ericsson, Ericsson i PacketFront.