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SE 100

Router SE100


The SmartEdge MSER unifies routing, Ethernet aggregation, and subscriber management in a compact form that is suitable for deployment in network environments with fewer subscribers or ports.

Key Benefits

The SmartEdge 100 MSER is optimized for multi-play services, enabling a smaller network environment, such as those with distributed points-of-presence (PoP), remote central offices (CO) and multi-tenant units (MTU). It extends the reach of the SmartEdge router family technology, which was previously focused on a higher-density, more costly chassis-based solution.

  • It offers the consistent operating environment of the SmartEdge 400 and 800 MSER, while delivering operating and financial efficiencies to the entire network.
  • It simplifies multi-play networks by combining edge routing, Ethernet aggregation, and subscriber management.
  • It allows continuous operation thanks to its resilient operating system (SEOS), which is capable of restarting tasks independently.
  • It delivers multicast replication for IPTV and video on-demand.
  • It provides IPV4 (IPv6-ready) routing with up to 1.5 million route entries and 1,000 BGP peers.

Flexible and Reliable

Key features and characteristics include:

  •  Granular service control with up to eight queues per subscriber.
  • Up to 12 Gbps throughput, 7 Mpps wire speed performance in a compact 2-RU form factor.
  • Support for up to 8,000 simultaneous users with up to 16,000 VLANs, 10,000 IGMP groups and multicast routes; 160,000 MAC addresses.
  • Advanced H-QoS and traffic management to control bandwidth for each service per subscriber: four hierarchical levels, 64,000 queues, eight queues per subscriber (16,340 leaf nodes, 8,000 aggregate nodes, 26 port nodes).
  • Flexible configuration for up to 2,000 virtual routers or VPN with 2,000 L2TP tunnels, 2,000 MPLS labels, 1,000 H-VPLS instances with 802.1Q access and EoMPLS access.

Link for description of the product  SE100