Falesia Systemy Sp. z o.o., ul. Sabały 60, 02-174 Warszawa, Tel. +48 22 2500700, email: biuro@falesia.pl, oferty@falesia.pl


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Falesia Systemy Sp. z o.o.,
str. Sabały 60,
02-174 Warszawa,
Email: oferty@falesia.pl
Phone +48 48 22 2500700

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What does radiolink

Radiolink in telecommunication market means point to point connection works in licensed and unlicensed bands. Radiolink is used for transmit data from point A to B with high quality transmission quality (availability of the link on the level app 99,99% or better, and delays less then 1ms)   See more

Routers for operators

Todays routers are multifunctional. Today’s designs of the networks consists equipment dedicated to one or more functions connected to each other. Ericsson routers have possibility connecting many functions in one box, which allows less investments for developing network functionalities.   See more

Falesia Systemy

We are organization dedicated for operators, ISPs and enterprises, which have needs to transmit data wireless and wireline. We have portfolio of products which are able to transmit data from 2 up to 100Gb/s. Among of our portfolio are radiolinks, routers, switches, power converters.
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In term 25-26th of February 2016 we will participate in conference MUM in Ljubljana, Slovenia

During the Conference we will present new radiolinks SIAE AlfoPlus2 capacity 2Gb/s full dpx – frequencies from 6GHz to 2GHz.

We invite you to take participation in conference: http://mum.mikrotik.com/2016/EU/info